Kabir Health Juices Combo



Try for their health giving properties. They act as detox and remove all toxins from body.


See your health and that of your family soaring to next levels by consuming this combo for one month.

Consume as follows:

  1. First Week : have Triplala with Aloevera and consume it in 1st week. Alongwith it start Wheat grass juice which will last for full month
  2.  Second Week: From 2nd week add add Amla Juice and Giloy juice and consume both in 3 weeks.

It has following best sellers:

  1. Wheat Grass Juice        1000 ml
  2. Triphala with Aloevera 500 ml
  3. Amla juice                        500 ml
  4. Giloy                                  500 ml

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