Z-Coff – 200 ml




This cough syrup has unique ingredients which make its efficacy proven and well tested.

  1. Talisa patra leaves : helps to give relief from cold, sneezing, nasal congestion and watery discharge. The leaves of the plant contain antitussive, anti-inflammatory and mucolytic properties so helps to clear airways and dissolve thick mucus present in the lungs. It also reduces mucus production.
  2. Vasaka : Being rich in anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and expectorant properties, Vasaka holds high significance in treating the common cold, cough and flu symptoms. It also reduces chest and nasal congestion gets rid of excess sputum and stops nasal discharge.
  3. Kantakari is beneficial for the management of respiratory problems like cough and asthma due to its expectorant property. It helps to release mucus from the respiratory passages and prevent asthmatic attacks.
  4. Somlata :
    • Provides immediate relief to Asthma patient.
    • Effective of dry and productive cough.
    • Improve weight loss by suppressing hunger.
    • Improve strength and function of cardiac muscles.
    • Anti-aging.
    • Enhances concentrates and improve performance of athletes.
    • Apart from these Haldi, Sonth,Kali mirch dalchini honey tulsi etc make it a perfect cough syrup , bronchodilator  and expectorant

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