Herbal Juices

Aloe Vera , Amla, Triphala, Giloy, Wheat Grass & other Green Grasses like barley, Papaya

Herbal & Floral Tea

Tulsi Green, Dandelion, Rose hip, Butterfly Pea flower

Herbal extracts & medicines

Ashwagandha, Moringa, Shatavari, Safed Musli,Punarnava,Curcumin etc and disease specific herbal formulations

Ayurvedic Decoction(Kadha)

Cold coughs , fevers, diabetes,immunity,pollution guard

Other juices

Moringa fortified, Curcumin fortified, energy drinks.

Fruit Juices

Vitamin fortified Mango,Orange, Pineapple

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Herbal & Nutraceutical Power

Capsules of Multivitamin , Minerals & Antioxidants with herbs.